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“What a delightful read! After many years of working with children and for children, to read a book written from the perspective of a child was an interesting twist. I could relate exactly to all the little physical attributes Mark Stevens so cleverly portrayed.”
~ Pam Beall, Wee Sing co-creator

“LUISA'S NATURE is an intimate, personal story. We step into the hearts of a family deeply committed to one another, and to the positive power of direct connections with the natural world as part of a child's healthy development.”
~ Cheryl Charles, Ph.D., President and CEO, Children & Nature Network

“A well-written journal of a child's early development that is vibrant with imagination and insights, flavored by European and “green” influences. You will be captivated as Mark Stevens imaginatively shares his young daughter's thoughts, impressions and experiences. He carefully weaves into the narrative the need for and benefits of nature in children's lives. Through Luisa's eyes and perceptions, we witness the developing body and soul of a child whose views will contribute to your deeper appreciation of the mysterious gift and nature of every child.”
~ Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., a.k.a. Dr. Toy

“As an expert on fatherhood, I recommend every parent take this unique journey into a new awareness of understanding your child's growth, deepening your bond with your child, and learning how to raise strong, happy kids.”
~ Armin Brott, a.k.a. Mr. Dad

“LUISA'SNATURE is a love letter to a child's discovery of the world. Mark Stevens offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the little ‘roses' in life that too often get overlooked. His book is a touching reminder about the importance of family, environment and earth's interesting creatures.”
~ Burlington County Times