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My Fall Excerpts

      I like hearing about all these plans, but I have to admit I am more intrigued when I look into the blue sky and another spade shaped, nearly golden leaf comes fluttering down in my direction. It is a linden leaf. Warm memories of Linda come to mind. A black-and-white bird flies several yards overhead and ascends to land atop the enormous tree. The contrast of this bird's two predominant colors reminds me of the scenery we took in on our return trip from Italy—white-capped Austrian mountains highlighted by the black night sky. A touch of indigo on the bird's wing and its long tail confirm that I am observing a magpie. Not only do magpies stay with one partner a lifetime long, they are tied to their home terrain and don't migrate south in the fall. I can thus rest assured that I will see these same magpies on my future walks in Marienberg Park, throughout the fourfold seasons of “my nature.”

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