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My Winter Excerpts

      After a couple of days of sunshine, an occasional new dusting adds to the massive white piles outside our nest. Today, while my parents get ready for our outing, I do a pull-up on one of the low horizontal bars on my jungle gym in our living room to warm up my muscles. I continue my gymnastics by raising my legs above the parallel bars and twisting my upper body, forming a pretzel. I am very focused and, at the same time, much amused by my new talents, until I notice that my mommy is not watching my graceful show anymore. I begin making a harsh chirping sound to express my disapproval. I then grumpily make the motions of a stomping horse. To add to the credibility of my anger, I complement my motions with the same neighing sound that a charging thoroughbred made as we passed him on a nearby field recently.

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