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LUISA'S NATURE is an insightful interpretation of life as viewed by the youngest of the young. With his daughter, Luisa, serving as the narrating voice of this creative non-fiction, Mark J. Stevens unfolds a playful and purposeful chronicle of a child's first year.


Following Luisa as she discovers the natural world around her will inspire parents to find new ways of using nature to nurture their own children. Readers of all ages will appreciate nature as an essential contributor to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of family life.

   "A fresh discovery of a new world through the eyes of one of it's new residents a discovery of our own world. "Luisa's Nature" is a look at family life, written in the creative non-fiction style from the eyes of a newborn baby named Luisa. From her birth, she slowly begins to learn a bout the natural world around her, beginning to understand the concept of family and others, as she looks to the big people that care of her and her understanding of them. A look at family and relationships through a deftly written and charming new perspective, highly recommended to community library collections catering to issues of the family. " ( James A. Cox on Small Press Bookwatch, June 2008 - read more )



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